Frances Derham is a Creative Producer with extensive experience in producing TV advertisements, short films, documentaries and photography. With a background in creative advertising and photography production Frances has a clear understanding of audience and a strategic commercial vision for everything she creates. 

After successfully writing and producing her first feature documentary First Love (2011) Fran went on to work as an Associate Producer on a kids TV series - Conspiracy 365 (2012). From there she continued to freelance as an Assistant Director, Production Assistant and Casting Agent before focusing full time as a Director with The Directors Group.  
From 2016 - 2019 she honed her skills as a Producer with Guilty. Here she worked in a team with long time collaborator Clare Plueckhahn calling themselves 'Cos We Can'.

Her work primarily focuses on empowering women. Recently she Executive Produced a girls ski film ‘Finding the Line' (2017).
When she's not producing Fran is writing, developing and collaborating on both documentary and drama concepts.
For a more detailed work history please visit her Linkedin profile or download a copy of her CV here.