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Surviving Summer | Official Trailer | Netflix

Surviving Summer | Official Trailer | Netflix

Directors: Ben Chessel, Sian Davies, Charlotte George

Producer: Joanna Werner

Assoc. Producer: Fran Derham

Writers: Josh Mapleston, Kier Wilkins, Kirsty Fisher, Gemma Crofts, Magda Wozniak

Executive Producers: Stuart Menzies, Joanna Werner

Fran developed and Associate Produced Surviving Summer with Joanna Werner & Josh Mapleston from Werner Film Productions. Along with overseeing the surf component through development Fran worked with Jenni Tosi to produce the Surf Unit. She also cast all the surf doubles and surfers that appeared in the show as well as produced the press kit, unit stills and key art photography for promotional purposes.


Surviving Summer follows fierce and fearless Brooklyn teen Summer Torres as she is exiled Down Under to live with ambitious young surfer Ari Gibson and his family; where she will spend she'll spend the next couple of months falling in love with surfing, driving Ari crazy ... and upending everyone’s lives.

You can watch it here.

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